How to organize a Halloween party? Part #1

The phrase “trick or treat” becomes irrelevant when you grow up. But Halloween is time for fun! This is also a great reason to decorate the house and make it creepy. It’s time to create your own unique costume and brainstorm!

Party planning

Choose a party style that you like. There are many options for theme parties, so start thinking now. Here are some topics you can consider:

Write down your ideas.

Before you go to the store, make a list of necessary things. Here’s what you might need:

– decorations that you want;

– food;

– music;

– games and prizes (optional);

– movies (optional);

– something that you come up with yourself.

Think about who you want to invite.

Thus, you can think over the number of guests, the necessary space and food. If the party is thematic (for example, films), try to limit the number of guests so that you do not have 12 Freddy Kruegers.

If the party is in your home, invite as many people as you can. In the end, you are the master of the house, and all the mistakes (and successes) are on your shoulders.

Prepare invitations.

Use the selected theme to create invitations. Write the time, date and specify what to wear, bring and so on. Send invitations a couple of weeks before the holiday. Here are some ideas for invitations:

Take some black paper, download the template from the Internet and cut out invitations in the shape of a witch’s hat. To write party information, use a white or silver helium pen.

If the hat is not an option, cut a pumpkin, a ghost, a tombstone, or a black cat out of black paper. If you send invitations in an envelope, add a bit of festive confetti inside. Buy a few small pumpkins at the grocery store or on the market. On one side, draw a funny face, and on the other, write the details of the party. Just make sure the marker is dry, otherwise there is a risk of smearing.

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