How to organize a Halloween party? Part #2

Buy or make party decorations.

If you are having a big party, you may want to put more effort into organizing it. It all depends on how many people you can bring to help. Make jewelry in advance, so you do not run in a hurry.

For the haunted house:

In the corridor, replace the bulbs with glowing skulls. Take full advantage of modern technology. Many decorative elements now have touch sensors, so you can scare your guests well.

For rooms, use the web in the corners and a smoke machine. Hang up the spiders and bats in the dark corners of the rooms, and also purchase a few bottles of glowing liquid in the dark.

Think over food and drinks.

Various Halloween food and drink options can be found in magazines, books and on the Internet. Prepare food in advance, especially if it is something difficult (for example, a skull or hands).

The witch’s fingers are quite simple with the help of cookies and almond petals. You can make a brain out of cheese, eyeballs out of mozzarella, and eyes out of olives.

As for drinks, a punch pot must be required. If you can get dry ice, do it with smoke – this is what you need! Luminous lights at the bottom of the bowl will be a great addition.

Cover the edges of the glasses with sugar syrup colored in food coloring in red. Tilt the glass a little to the right, and let the red liquid flow along its edge.

Don’t forget the dessert. If you are creative, you can make cupcakes in the form of a rising zombie.

Prepare the music.

Do this in advance, and also make sure that music is heard everywhere. You should have not only ordinary music, but also scary sound effects!

Take the music outside to make your guests frightened before they come to you. This music can be much shorter than what will be playing inside. Look for frightening musical fragments on the Internet.

Plan your Halloween games.

Here you need to take into account the number of guests, age and their interests. Search the Internet for various ideas for games.

Costumed parties are always loved by guests. You can even limit yourself to one theme – all guests should dress up as characters from horror films, one particular film (maybe your whole house will be decorated with this theme?) Or like dead men.

Competition for decorating pumpkins. This is a great idea, unless your guests are too carried away and turn it into a pumpkin throwing contest.

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