How to organize a winter picnic.

A picnic is a wonderful opportunity to spend time with your loved one or friends. But what if outside the window is cold and snowy winter? My decision is to go on a winter picnic.

Fresh sparkling air, sun rays glistening on the snow cover – what could be better for a great weekend?

Do not forget to dress warmly, because winter is a harsh hostess and in her arms it is not hot at all.

Arranging a romantic picnic do not forget about upgrading the territory. Stop your choice on a beautiful table and a pair of chairs, but do not forget to use warm blankets.

Products and dishes can be brought on a sled. Then you can ride them from the nearest mountain – is it not a fun pastime with your loved one?

Of course, the main attribute of the winter picnic are hot drinks – cocoa, tea or aromatic coffee. Pack a thermos and a pair of favorite mugs for yourself and your soulmate.

Take a variety of sweets with you – marshmallows, marmalade, chocolate – this will create a romantic atmosphere. By the way, do not forget to take a camera with you and take a large number of beautiful pictures.

When going on a picnic with friends or children, think about the location, fun and food. Stop your choice on a variety of snacks. Also, you can use various hot dishes – chicken on skewers, kebabs or baked fish.

An unchanged attribute of any picnic is home baking. Treat yourself and your guests with cinnamon and honey, condensed milk or cherry jam rolls.

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