What to give a friend for a birthday.

A friend is the person who will always help and listen. She knows all your secrets, and sometimes even understands you better than anyone else. That is why the question of what gift to give to a friend for her birthday should be approached with all seriousness and responsibility.

Flowers in a delicate package or a bouquet of fruit and sweets. A gift box in the shape of a heart, filled with flowers with macaroons – delicious French macaroons. Trembling roses, tulips and other flowers.

A ticket to an interesting event will take a lot of pleasant minutes. Classical music, jazz, concert, theater, tours and much more will appeal to her friend.

A purse, business card holder or clutch will delight a woman, especially if it is suitable for the favorite color of the birthday girl. In order not to be mistaken if the color scheme is unknown, you can purchase white or black color accessories.

Set of accessories for the girlfriend’s favorite outfit. Comfortable gloves on warm fur or mitts from soft delicate skin with cut fingers. In the same style or color scale, you can choose a scarf with a painting that will successfully complement the designer belt or belt.

A set of necessary accessories for a mobile phone will noticeably make life more convenient. Beautiful case will keep the surface from scratches. Headphones will allow you to listen to music or audio training course during a walk, on the way to the place of work or study.

Professional photo session at a famous photographer will appeal to any girl and woman. A pleasant atmosphere in the studio or a fresh breeze with wildlife in a beautiful park, a new make-up and hairstyle will create unforgettable shots.

Thermos or thermomug with an unusual pattern will be very useful in various places. A sip of aromatic coffee will help to cheer up during a break at work, where there is no coffee machine, A cup of hot tea will warm in nature.

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