What to give to the student? The most credit ideas of gifts.

Choosing a gift a student should ask one simple question: “What does a student want?” But most of them want not so much: to have fun, to live at the limit of their abilities, to follow their dreams and to look boldly into the future. And to sleep, eat and pass the next session … Well, well, let’s see what kind of gifts you can ease the student’s everyday life in this not easy, but such a beautiful time in their lives.

Notebook backpack

Super-ergonomic urban backpack for a laptop with protection from moisture, shock, cuts and pocket thieves. Many departments and pockets will ensure the correct distribution of the weight of the load and reduce the burden on the shoulders of an already eternally loaded student. Conveniently, to charge the phone from an external battery, a USB port on the backpack strap is provided on the way.

Smart thermos

If you think that a thermos is good only to keep it hot-hot and cold-cold. A smart thermos not only copes with its main function, but also makes it possible to brew favorite tea, make healthy detox water and even cook a hard-boiled egg for breakfast forever hungry student. And on the LED display of the thermos lid, the most current information about the temperature of its contents is always available.

External battery

Just as an invigorating coffee mug increases a student’s endurance, a power bank in his bag extends the battery life of personal devices. Phones and tablets with a charge level of 2% will no longer cause panic from the prospect of remaining in a difficult situation without communication, the Internet, cribs and social networks, and the very presence of a source of additional energy at 6000 mAh on hand will bring a sense of calm and peace.

Portable Hard Drive

According to the ancient law of meanness, the closer the date on the calendar to the coveted exam, the defense of course and research paper, the higher the probability of accidents and unexpected failures of a previously trouble-free computer. Backup copies on a portable hard drive will help in any situation to keep important files intact, and the student’s nervous system healthy.

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